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Amity’s First Day of Kindergarten

September 12, 2016

Dear Amity,

I told myself that I wouldn’t be one of those moms who cry on their child’s first day of Kindergarten.  How sappy, right??  Besides, you and your sister have been attending daycare on an mostly full time basis for quite some time now.  What was the big difference?  And you are so ready for Kindergarten!  I’ve been so excited for you.  What is there to cry about?

You had chosen what you were going to wear on your first day of school.  It was an outfit that we picked out at Target a few weeks ago.  A gray shirt with a graphic tiger face and the words “go get ’em” printed on it.  You were going to pair it with black leggings that have sparkles.  It was cool.  But then, Oma (Tante to me), in New York sent you a new outfit for school and it was suddenly upgraded to First Day status.  I don’t blame you.  I love it so much.  You are almost six but this 5T size fit you perfectly.  We usually have a hard time finding skirts that don’t slip over your tiny hips.  For a long time you have abhorred 3/4 lengths shirts but just a few days before getting this in the mail daddy had explained to you the generous benefits of 3/4 length sleeves…I mean, the warmth it provides for your elbows without having to push up your sleeves when doing art projects?  Win-win.  Your backpack was also picked out by you.  It is the most sparkly Star Wars backpack you’ll ever see.  Very you.

We took these pictures out front and said goodbye to dad and sister.  We still had some time to kill before it was time to head up to your school.  It is only about a 3 minute drive away.  You suggested we play Sequence for Kids.  I reheated my coffee and sat down with you.  That’s when I started crying.  Silently of course.  I didn’t want you to know.  Just looking at your beautiful self, listening to you explain the rules to me, knowing how excited you were…the pride swelled in me.

I recently found out from my dad that my mom just barely missed my first day of Kindergarten.  One of her goals was to make it to see me go to school.  She died August 18th.  Just a few weeks before my first day.  My heart aches for her.  For me.  She was so close.  She wanted to be there so badly.  So its not lost on me what a gift it is to be here on earth with you, to see you off on your very first day of school.  From tiny little baby, to toddlerhood, then preschool, and now elementary school.  Its a whole new chapter of life!

Watching you line with with all of those big kids…that’s when I started crying all over again.  This time I was really trying hard to pull it together.  I could barely talk to you.  You are so small next to all of those big kids!  What were you going to do today?  Would they take good care of you?  What would you learn?  I got the sense that you were supposed to get in the Kinder line and that is where we would say goodbye.  At the front door.  You were so brave and waved goodbye to me.  Then I saw all these parents go in too!  Well!  I was going in then too.  I found you in your classroom and you were so happy to see me!  I told you I didn’t realize parents could come in.  You had already hung up your backpack.  You got settled in and we said one more long goodbye.

All day I wondered how you were doing.  Could no one just please send me a few text messages throughout the day letting me know?!  : )  I was so anxious to pick you up.  I pictured a glorious reunion of mother and daughter.  We tested the waters of the after school program today too.  When you saw me?  Sheer and utter disappointment!  “Mom!  Next time can you please not come so EARLY?!”  It was 4:45.  It was Not very early.  I mean its time to go home and start making dinner kid!

I pumped you for information!  I was so eager to know how it all went!!  You were pretty tight lipped about it all.  But this is what I could gather: It was awesome.  You loved it.  You have “classes.”  Library class, gym class, and on Wednesday you are going to music class.  You said that lunch time was super short and barely anytime to eat.  You are a terribly slow eater so this doesn’t surprise me too much.  You had only enough time to eat your almond butter packet.  But then you had a very nutritious (my eyes are rolling) after school snack of hot dogs, chocolate milk, and pineapple.  Don’t get me started on what american schools are feeding our kids.  That would be you now.  You also said that you did math.  You said, “did you know you can do math by playing with blocks?!”

So, your first day is in the books.  You sailed through it with flying colors.  Your mother was a bit of a hot mess but I made it too.  Verity will probably just stay in daycare forever, okay?  I love you.  I’m so proud of you.  I can’t wait to hear about your days at Kindergarten.  I can’t wait to find out what you learn.

I love you my big girl, Mama

PS.  In case you are wondering.  Sissy also made her own clothing choices today.  She declared herself, Pinkie Pie! from My Little Ponies…









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