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Nazgul | Portland Maternity Photographer

May 25, 2016

This beautiful woman is just radiant! Would you believe me if I told you this is the first time she has been professionally photographed? I know…get outta here, right?! She’s a natural in front of the camera! Such poise and she is so elegant.

They are expecting their first baby, a boy, and I am so excited for them!  I’m looking forward to his arrival so that I can have him over to the studio for his newborn baby session.

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2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer01 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer02 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer03 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer04 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer05 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer06 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer07 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer08 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer09 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer10 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer11 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer12 2016_Salem_Portland_Oregon_KAPmaternity_photographer13

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