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Verity’s 3rd Birthday

October 2, 2015

Our baby turned 3 today!  As you can see from these photos she brings a lot of joy to this life.  I love her squishy warm body, her cheesy grin, her (most of the time) easy going attitude, her soft and oh so kissable cheeks, how she tells me to “stop laughing at me!” if I’m simply smiling in admiration at her, and so many other things.

Yesterday we asked Verity what she’d like to do for her birthday after school and after mulling over all of the options in her little head she said, “go to the toy store and buy a teenage mutant ninja turtle toy.”  So, that is what we did.  And we looked at all the TMNT stuff.  All of it.  But then our little mama spotted these little mice and her search for the perfect toy came to an abrupt halt.  It was over.  She was head over heels for these little mice things!  We had never seen them before.

2015_Verity3rdBday 1

They are called “Little Live Pets” and of COURSE you can collect all 10 or however many they have.  Each mouse has unique sounds it makes.  She wanted the track for them so much!  We thought it came with mice already.  But that would be too easy.  Oh no, you have to buy each mouse separately!  So here she is trying to choose just ONE.  ; )

2015_Verity3rdBday 22015_Verity3rdBday 3

Pretty pleased with her birthday gift!! 2015_Verity3rdBday 4

Amity….not so much!!  LOL  Oh my darling Amity girl, thankfully your birthday is not long off.  It is hard when your sister is getting all of the attention.  But alas these are the hard lessons that are so good for them to learn with having a sibling.  (She’s trying to look mad at me here – pretty successfully, but I do see that hint of a smile).

2015_Verity3rdBday 5

The mouse was great company while we waited in line for dinner.  I gave Verity 3 choices for dinner: Chipotle, Red Robin, or Sushi.  I was Reeeeaallly hoping she’d choose sushi.  But who am I kidding. She’s 3.  Without hesitation she chose Red Robin.  ‘Common they serve mac and cheese, and have chalkboards, and hamburger stools, and best of all Balloons!

2015_Verity3rdBday 62015_Verity3rdBday 7

Let’s talk about how much sugar we fed our children today.  A TON.  oy.  She had a cinnamon roll with candles for breakfast, treat at school, ice cream sundae at Red Robin, and I rounded it all out with cake at home.  Because I sometimes rock this whole mom gig ; )

2015_Verity3rdBday 8

Do you see the joy I am talking about?  She makes my heart so happy.  And so many others.  She is so well loved.  She was over the moon with the phone calls, sent videos, and text messages she got today from her friends and family.

2015_Verity3rdBday 9

Happy Birthday, Verity Jane!!  We are so grateful to have you in our family.  You and your sister mean the absolute world to us.  I love you.


2015_Verity3rdBday 10

  1. Bev Flipse Ritchie says:

    Beautiful Katie!

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