you’re a brand new mom,

proud and in love with your beautiful creation.

You know that your fuzzy, sleep-deprived brain cannot be relied upon to remember all of this - despite that coffee in your other hand.

You want to remember what they looked like, felt like, and smelled like the first time you laid eyes on him. And you just need photographs that capture their essence, announce them, and keep those memories close to your heart!

You’re in just the right place, mama!

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Katie, and I specialize in newborn photography in Portland for busy parents obsessed with every perfect detail of your brand new baby. I’m your gal with over 14 years of experience ready to create photos of your new baby, so you are sure to remember everything.

when you're looking for the best newborn

I've got you, mama!

 portland photographer

I know what it’s like to bring a new baby home. I had less than 3 months to get ready for my first! 

Both of my girls are adopted. We found out about Amity in July, and she was born in October. It was a whirlwind! 

I did it all, from creating a nursery to choosing the perfect stroller, amassing all of the diapers, shopping for teeny-tiny clothes, and completing an adoption home study in just 3 months.

Oh, the excitement and nerves! 

And all of this after infertility. Both of my girls were the joy I had been waiting for.

Your journey to baby might be similar or wildly different from mine, but no matter your journey, I know we have this in common: we want the absolute best for our babies. You aren’t going to hand over your newborn to just anyone for their first photos. 

I once had a client tell me that watching me with their newborn was like watching me arrange flowers.

My newborn sessions are baby-led, I am meticulous, and I care so much about your baby. Their safety and comfort are my top priorities. 

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the favs

fresh mountain air

I have a BA in Interior Design, and this background gives me an excellent foundation for the design elements and principles. I have an artistic eye; a penchant and intuition for composition, color, and detail.

After working in architectural firms for three years, I made photography my full-time career starting in 2009. I have photographed hundreds of newborn babies over the last 14 years and I cannot wait to meet yours.

"Katie made me feel so comfortable..."

My friend recommended Katie and after looking at her website, I fell in love with the beautiful aesthetic of her work. Her portfolio is filled with natural baby poses - no weird giant flowers or other strange props. Her styling was pretty and soft and filled with the neutral colors that I really loved. 

Katie was easy to work with - clearly very experienced with babies and making parents feel comfortable. It’s been a few months since our shoot, and I look back at these newborn photos often. I know I will always treasure them! I am so happy that I have so many beautiful photos of my sweet baby to cherish for years to come.


the studio

My studio is located at 2319 State St, Salem, Oregon 97301. I can't wait to welcome you into this special space of mine. It's spacious, bright and filled with historic charm. Take the tour!

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