The Fresh48 I deliver are soft, sweet, and timeless pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Before I arrive I'll ask you to turn the heat up in your room. When I arrive, I open up all the blinds and tidy up a few items that may be out of place.

I usually begin with photos of the baby on their own in the bassinet and then head into parent and family photos.

Throughout the session I will be guiding you with simple prompts and will do my best to capture all images with 30-45 minutes, ensuring that the session as as easy and stress free as possible. 

Have a baby is exhilarating, exhausting, and often becomes a hazy memory as you navigate adjusting to your new life.

Having these photos will add clarity to this special time!

I will come to the place of birth (hospital, home, birthing center) 24-48 hours after your baby is born to document this tremendously special time.

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the sweetest first photos for your new baby

Absolutely! One of my favorite moments to capture is big brother or sister meeting the new baby for the first time. I suggest we begin the session without older kids in the room to focus on the new baby and then your partner/grandparents can bring them in for the big introduction.

Can my older children be in the photos?

No worries! Babies rarely arrive on their due date, and I'm prepared for early or late arrivals. When you book a Fresh48 session, weeks 38-41 are blocked off on the calendar meaning that if your baby arrives anytime during this window, I will be available.

What happens if my baby doesn’t arrive on their due date?

frequently asked questions

Most clients have a list of friends and family they want to contact when the big day arrives; add my name to the list! Once you head to the hospital in labor, have your support person contact me (text, email, phone are all great) and then contact me again once the baby is born. Most sessions take place the morning after baby is born and all sessions must take place during daylight hours. 

letting me know baby is on the way

The Fresh48 session is for my existing newborn clients. It's not meant to replace the newborn session at the studio but to add to the story of the newborn photos. 

available only to my booked newborn clients

adding the

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Brooklyn and henry's fresh48 session at legacy good samaritan hospital

During a Fresh48 session, I come to the hospital, or place of birth, sometime during those first two days after baby (or babies!) have been born and photograph you with your new bundle! This is a special add on session for those that book a newborn session with me. 

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