Meeting Sam, Fresh48 Photos at Salem Hospital

Fresh48 Session at Salem Hospital in Salem, OR

Fresh48 Photos in Salem, Oregon

Fresh48 photos is a session where I come to the hospital, or place of birth, and photograph your brand new baby and your family. The session usually lasts about 30-45 minutes and is very relaxed.

This particular session is of family very close to my heart. Ashley has been a friend of mine for years. We met through a photography meet up group a looooong time ago and have stayed connected ever since. I have photographed each of her babies as newborns but this was the first time we did Fresh48 photos.

Sam was born at Salem Hospital and less than 24 hour later I was there to photograph him in all his fresh-out-of-the-womb glory. The best part was watching his two older brothers and older sister meeting him for the first time.

I asked Ashley what was it like to watch your older 3 kiddos meeting brand new baby Sam?

Siblings meeting newborn baby brother for the first time in Salem Oregon

From mama Ashley:

“There are moments in life that make all the struggle worth it. Having three little children with a fourth on the way can be overwhelming, to say the least. But we were all so very excited to bring another baby into the family, and we had spent 9 months with growing anticipation.

Ryan and I tried to think about how we could help make the big kids meeting Sam go smoothly, and then it hit us; we can’t! That’s life with 4 little kids, right? Time to accept the mayhem and find the moments hidden within. Like treasures, they might be hard to see, but they are so very valuable and precious.

Thankfully my dear friend was there to document it for me to cherish forever! Watching this moment that had played out in my head countless times was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was chaotic and busy, but it was ours. Our whole family together, meeting Sam with so much love and acceptance. There’s something so wonderful to a mommas heart to see her kids love one another. And the love in that room was bursting. Of course, they all had to hold him and even our littlest Jolie who was 18 months seemed to know this baby was ours.”

Newborn baby just born at hospital
Hospital photos after birth of new baby
Newborn baby photographed for the first time

Interested in booking your own Fresh48 photos?

This session is easy to book and is deeply discounted when you book it with a newborn session. Please Contact Me for more information and pricing!

newborn baby with mom at hospital
older siblings meeting new baby for the first time
new baby at Salem Hospital in Salem, Oregon
older siblings meeting new baby for the first time
newborn baby feet with diaper on
Fresh48 session at Salem Hospital
big brothers meeting new baby brother for the first time
dad holding new baby
Fresh48 photos in Salem, Oregon
dad holding new baby at hospital
big brothers meeting baby brother for the first time
newborn details during fresh48 session
newborn baby in hospital basinet
newborn baby with mom at hospital
first photos with baby at hospital after birth
newborn photos at hospital
mom with new baby at hospital
Fresh48 session at hospital of newborn baby

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