How Often Should You Have Professional Photos Taken During Baby’s First Year?

9 months of pregnancy can feel like a long time, and towards the end, it feels like it’s taking a little too long! There’s a lot of waiting, sometimes even some false-starts, but before you know it, baby arrives, and the moments will start to fly by, as you’ve probably heard from lots of people.

It’s magic and wonder, the smell of baby powder and teeny-tiny hands that quickly get pudgy and get bigger almost overnight. It is totally true; you can almost see babies growing in that first year. 

Newborn portraits are my passion. Every baby that comes into my studio already possesses quirks and personality. I can’t wait to photograph it.

Capturing a newborn with their downy skin and stretchy-yawns is something every parent should plan for in the third trimester of your pregnancy.

Those newborn days go fast and blurry, and having the newborn session scheduled around your due date will ensure that you get in the studio within those critical 7-14 days after your baby is born, so they are super squishy and sleepy.

My photography studio is located just about 45 minutes outside of Portland, so it’s the perfect journey out of the house for new mamas. Sessions are done in the morning when babies are at their best, so grab a coffee and chill out in the car on the drive. When you arrive, my warm and welcoming studio awaits!  While you relax, I’ll take care of the rest, but be assured you’ll always be close at hand. 

Of course, the great thing about babies is that the magic doesn’t ever go away. Every month is going to bring a new milestone; a new piece of their personality emerges. But, when is the best time frame for portraits? 

Every baby and family is different, however; I like to recommend a newborn session, a three-month-old session when they’ve put on a little chub (you won’t believe the change between this session and the newborn session!), followed by a Sitter Session and, of course,  that milestone 1-year Session.

While there are general ages where most babies can sit up on their own, there is no set timeline for this. Some babies can sit early, some later; the key is to get them right about the time they can sit comfortably on their own, but not too comfortably, generally around 6-7 months. I’ll admit that the sitter session is one of my favorites because I love those chubby baby rolls! 

Quickly after the sitting phase, they launch right into the crawly-curious phase, which means they don’t sit for too long anymore! Ha! Babies are super smart, and once they get going, nothing stops them. So, for the one-year session, expect that anything goes. It’s usually a good workout for me! 
I like to think the one-year-old session is a reward for parents; the sleepless nights, the trials and tribulations of new parenthood have all culminated in a sitting, crawling, walking, babbling bit of baby goodness that I can capture for then to remember forever. When you look back at those first-year photos, I guarantee you aren’t going to believe the changes.

My studio in Salem is ready, and I would love to meet you! From maternity photos, baby photos of any age, and intimate photos of your family, I’d love to document the important first year of your family. It’s truly an honor, and I am so proud to capture this bit of history for you. 

Want to talk more about a session? I’d love to chat. Contact me here, and I’ll get back to you within a business day.

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