1-Month-Old Baby Pictures

1-month-old baby pictures are a common occurrence here at Arcadian Photography. If you have a one-month-old, it’s not too late to do a newborn session.

What age I consider to be “newborn”

I consider babies 8 weeks and under to be “newborn.”

Yes, it’s ideal to do a newborn session at 7-14 days old. Most of what you see on my website, Instagram, and Facebook is taken during this time. 

However, I always say it’s not a hard and fast rule. If we can’t make the 7-14 day window work for one reason or another – that’s okay!

I wanted to post an example of 1-month-old baby pictures. This is Emma, she was 1-month-old at her newborn session. After birth, her mama experienced some health complications and it just wasn’t feasible to do her photos any sooner. As you can see, her newborn session turned out beyond gorgeous. 

The Cons to 1-month-old baby pictures

Newborns usually develop baby acne around 3-4 weeks and it can last about 2-4 weeks. Obviously, if your baby has acne it is not a show stopper, but it’s not ideal. Much more editing is required on a baby who has lots of acne. In fact, if we plan for a 2-week session and baby gets acne early, I’d even recommend waiting a few weeks until the acne has cleared.

Want to know what magic cream Emma’s mom used on her sweet face to help clear her baby acne up for her 1-month-old baby pictures? This All Over Ointment from Tubby Todd. She swears by it! And yes, I did do some editing on Emma’s skin, but it really wasn’t bad.

Yes, the older they get, the more awake they will be. This can be a little difficult because our session will be longer as we wait out their longer awake times so we can get those sleepy photos. But I’m not afraid of an awake baby, often those photos with their eyes open are parents’ favorite.

Not as flexible. Older babies may not go into every pose because they are simply bigger, but really, I don’t do a lot of fancy posing and my goal is to photograph babies just as they are. No fancy gymnastics are required!

The Pros to 1-month-old baby pictures

Bring on the baby smiles! With older newborns, we have a much higher chance of capturing some smiles and who doesn’t love a smiling newborn?

Eye contact. Super fresh newborns often have their eyes crossed but as time marches on, their eyes become less and less crossed. Making older newborns champs at camera eye contact. And since they are awake more than a 7-14 day baby, we are pretty much guaranteed some of these photos. Your money will be flying out the window!

Chub. Older babies have had more time to put on a little layer of chub and it is adorable. Can’t go wrong with a squishier baby.

So don’t be deterred from booking 1-month-old baby pictures, they are still your precious newborn and you will never regret having these professional photos taken and hung on your walls. Take a minute to fill out this quick form and I’ll be in touch with you soon!

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