Don’t Skip Maternity Photos: A Gift to Your Future Self and Your Baby

One of the most common questions I get after I explain my process and pricing to people who reach out about newborn photos is,

“Is there any way to skip the maternity photos and get a credit towards the newborn photos?”

And yep, I get it. Mamas, you are always putting yourself last.

You’d rather have more photos of your baby than of yourself.

But guess what? In 10 years, your baby will want more photos of YOU than of them.

Which is why, whenever someone asks about “just” a newborn session, my answer is no… but here’s why.

I remind them that the maternity session, along with ten digital files, is a bonus to booking their newborn session with me (so it doesn’t change the price to remove it)… and it’s there for a very important reason:

We CRAVE a beautiful record of this time in our family’s lives – it’s an incredibly powerful way to hold onto these fleeting days and months – but we need help to make it happen!

I even have all the dresses and robes already at the studio for you. You just have to show up. If you don’t love them, nothing is lost. At a bare minimum, you’ll at least walk away with ten precious photos of you pregnant, and I’m willing to bet that in 5 years, you’ll love them tenfold.

Your baby will love them most of all.

Part of my mission as a photographer (and a busy mom myself) is to do the heavy lifting for you…

…to take something off your plate and serve it back to you on a beautiful, done-for-you platter.

I don’t need you to have walls full of my art, but long after those digital files have gathered an inch of dust on your hard drive, I want you to have at least one gorgeous photo of you pregnant that makes you smile when you walk by it every single day.

Ready to have your very own guaranteed daily smile? I’d love to hear from you; fill out this contact form, and I’ll be in touch ASAP!

both maternity and newborn photos are vital to documenting welcoming a new baby into your life.

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