From Belly to Baby: 3 Reasons Maternity and Newborn Photography Is Important

Anticipation to adoration: maternity and newborn photography is the best before and after in your life. Better than any health and fitness, home renovation, or hairstyle transformations. Nothing is more exquisite than the journey you take, bringing new life into this world and then proudly sharing it with all close to you.

From Belly to Baby: 3 Reasons Maternity and Newborn Photography Is Important

Trust me. You are going to be obsessed with this little creature. They will be THE. CUTEST. BABY. you have ever laid eyes on. You may realize it while you are pregnant, but once they are born, you will know this is well worth documenting.

Here’s what one of my past clients, Felicia, had to say about this:

I hadn’t booked a newborn photographer during my pregnancy, but right after my son was born and I saw him for the first time, I knew I wanted to have them done. I felt stressed because I hadn’t booked anyone yet. While searching from my hospital bed for a newborn photographer, I found Katie’s profile on Instagram. I chose her because I fell in love with her feed, and she was so open to a last-minute booking. She fit us right into her schedule.

I have the greatest newborn photos of my son now! I love how she captured his personality, specifically – his little smirk. I loved the whole experience; it wasn’t stressful at all. We didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable, and she was so gentle with my son.

You may not feel like having maternity photos taken, but trust me, 3-5 years down the road, you will be so grateful that you photographed both of these events in your life: your pregnancy journey and your newborn baby.

Journey Worth Documenting

Having both maternity and newborn photography together captures the full journey from pregnancy to the arrival of your baby. These photos will tell a complete story, showcasing the anticipation, love, and growth experienced during this transformative period in your life. It allows you to look back and remember the incredible journey you went through to bring your baby earthside. I know I love having photos of my mom pregnant with me. Trust me. Your child will feel the same way!

maternity and newborn photography showcases the best before and after in your life

Pivotal Milestones 

You may not feel completely like yourself or particularly beautiful, but you are. Let me show you! Maternity photography captures your beauty and the miracle of pregnancy. It preserves the memory of your baby bump, the joy of anticipation, and the unique bond between you and your baby. The transformation your body has accomplished is amazing, and it needs to be documented! Newborn photography captures the fleeting moments of your baby’s early days. Their tiny features, stretches, yawns, little expressions, and the new connection between parents are all so important to document and freeze in time because it all passes so quickly.

from bump to baby, maternity and newborn photography

Family Heirlooms

Maternity and newborn photography become cherished keepsakes that you can pass down to your child when they get older. These images serve as a tangible link to their earliest days and the love surrounding their arrival. They become part of your family’s story and will be shared for generations. 

Having both maternity and newborn photography done allows you to document your complete journey, celebrate these two huge milestones in your life, and create family heirlooms for your family. Make sure you have this comprehensive collection of images that reflect your beauty, love, and excitement surrounding the arrival of your new baby!

Documenting your pregnancy and new baby with maternity and newborn photography

At my photography studio, I offer a complimentary maternity session when you book a newborn session. That’s how strongly I feel both belly and baby should be photographed. I know many moms are hesitant to document their pregnancy, but I know it’s important, so when you choose me, I make sure you walk away with both maternity and newborn photography.

To book your maternity and newborn photography sessions, follow this link.

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