The 7 Best Spring Photo Locations near Salem, Oregon

March 1, 2022

Spring in Oregon is truly beautiful. So when deciding on where to take your updated family photos we are lucky that in March, April, and May we have plenty of locations to choose from!

Obviously every year the bloom start time fluctuates, as does the duration! Sometimes we have a warmer spring and things start earlier or we may have a really big rainstorm that knocks all of the cherry blossoms off of the trees early. So, like fall, we have to be flexible and willing to change things up if things don’t go according to plan.

1. Cherry Blossoms at Oregon State Capitol State Park

Blooms: mid March to early April

Cherry Blossom Day in Salem

2. Tulip fields at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Blooms: late March through April

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

3. Camas Field at Bush Park

Blooms: early May

Camas Field at Bush Park

4. Camassia Natural Area in Wilsonville

Blooms in Early April and early May. I haven’t photographed here when the park is in bloom, but from what I understand, it’s brilliant! You can see a few photos on the website, also do a quick search on Instagram.

5. Schreiner’s Iris Garden in Keizer

Blooms: May

Schreiner’s Iris Garden

6. Daisy Field at Willamette Mission State Park

Blooms: mid May to early June

Willamette Mission State Park

This daisy field is truly magical when it’s in full bloom. These photos were taken on June 11, 2018, and you can see that the field starting to fade. So mid-May into early June is the best time to hit it up.

7. Wisteria at Bush Park

Blooms: late April / early May

I have more photos from Amirae’s one-year session here. The wisteria at Bush Park is so pretty, but, like the cherry blossoms, have a very short bloom and can be hard to time correctly, but, not impossible!

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