What should dads wear for newborn photos?

Dads may not be fretting AS much about what to wear for their baby’s first professional photos, but I do get this question often. 

And I love it because it means everyone is working together to dress for success!

What should dads wear for newborn photos?

What should dads wear for newborn photos

First, let’s start with what NOT to wear:

  1. Bright or bold colors are incredibly distracting. We don’t want your eye drawn to dad’s shirt in the photos. We want your eye drawn to dad’s face and newborn baby. If dad is wearing a bright blue shirt and everyone else is in neutrals, all you will be able to focus on is the bright blue.
  2. Suit and tie – this is too formal for newborn photos. We aren’t going to work today. Definitely aiming for something more casual than a suit and tie for newborn photos.
  3. Plaid, Stripes or other Bold Patterns are too busy visually and, again, very distracting.
  4. Graphic tees or shirts with logos are going to draw attention straight to what dad is wearing, and that’s not what we want. 
What should dads wear for newborn photos

I advise sticking with something basic and keeping it as simple as possible. Dad wants to wear something that is both casual and neutral to keep the focus on the baby and not on what he’s wearing.

Now, what TO wear: 

  1. Soft, light, neutral colors like white, cream, gray, light blue, chambray, etc., will go easily with what mom and siblings are wearing.
  2. Casual and simple shirt such as a long or short sleeve button-down, a fitted henley, or a t-shirt.
  3. Subtle textures such as linen or a basic fitted crew sweater.
  4. Jeans or khaki pants/shorts on the bottom. No need to worry about shoes. They won’t be in the photos.

Keep in mind that the studio will be warmed to a little over 80° because newborn babies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults, especially when not fully clothed. If dad gets hot easily, go for the shorts with a short-sleeved shirt. We want dad to be comfortable and happy!

If you are looking for more tips on how to prepare and what to expect for your newborn session, follow this link.

Here are some great examples of what dads should wear for newborn photos:

What should dads wear for newborn photos

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