Why Hire a Newborn Photographer in Portland, OR?

The newborn phase is so exciting and special. 

But there’s one problem.

It goes by Way Too Fast!

Combine how fast babies grow with your lack of sleep, and you’ve got a real problem, mama.

It will be so much easier to remember this newborn phase if you hire the services of a newborn photographer in Portland, OR, to help you document every detail.

Here are just some of the ways a newborn photographer can benefit your family.

Heirloom Images

It’s not every day that we are taking heirloom images for our family. When you hire a newborn photographer, that’s what’s happening. You are taking time out of this hectic season to create heirloom images.

These are not images that will live and die on your phone. These are images that will inspire you to make prints. Images that will hang on your walls and live in albums. Images that are created with such care that they will be passed down to the next generation. 

newborn photographer in Portland, OR

My Process is Thoughtful

Unlike the pictures you take of your baby, which are wonderful in their own way, a professional newborn photographer has the experience to take stunning pictures using the right lighting, angles, textiles, tools, and equipment. 

Good lighting is the number one way to create beautiful images. I’ve spent years honing my lighting skills and have gone from photographing with natural light to now using studio light that looks like soft, gorgeous natural light. It’s the same from session to session, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

My lighting techniques will make sure your newborn photos are beautiful. Instead of harsh shadows, discoloration, blurriness, you will get pictures that truly capture the natural skin tone of your baby and show off her tiny features.

I source and use beautiful textiles to make your baby comfortable and the star of the show. No buckets, loud backdrops, costumes, or big bows will be found here at my studio. I believe those types of props distract from the beauty that is your baby. I will photograph your baby on light and neutral-colored backdrops for a natural and organic look.

As a professional photographer, I also have the experience to use the right apps and editing tools to touch up pictures after they are taken to make them even more polished. 

newborn detail photos - hair, ear, mouth

Safety is a Top Priority

The safety of your baby during your session with me is my top priority. With over 12 years of experience, I know how to position your tiny newborn. I don’t believe in doing complicated poses that look unnatural. My goal is to always position them in ways that look and feel comfortable. 

newborn photographer in Portland, OR
why hire a newborn photographer

Less Stress

You are already dealing with a lot of stress during this time in your life; why add more? Hiring a professional means you get peace of mind knowing your baby is safe, and you will get gorgeous pictures without having to worry about the details.

I’d love to talk more with you about booking your baby’s newborn portrait session. You can reach me by filling out this quick form and I’ll be in touch soon with more details!

beautiful images of your newborn baby

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