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Why You Need it: Newborn Photography

July 8, 2019

Maybe you just aren’t sure…do I need newborn photography? Do I need it like I need a stroller, a car seat, a high chair, and a baby monitor?

Katie, it’s really pretty, but do I really need it?

newborn photography

I’d argue that yes. Yes, you do!

This newborn phase? It goes by so very fast.

It’s such a hectic time. You are exhausted, stressed, and worn out. How do you remember your baby as a newborn during this crazy time before it all slips away?

Newborn Photography.

I’m here to photograph your baby’s pure perfection in such a way that you never forget things like her:

• warm curly body
• shoulder peach fuzz
• tiny toes
• full rosy cheeks
• wispy hair
• back wrinkles
• how little she was in your hands
• peel-y skin

No fluff, no gimmicks, no props, no heavy editing.
Simply your beautiful baby.

Portland newborn photography

The other reason you need it?


I’ve heard from too many mama’s to know that the regret of not having good newborn photography of your brand new baby leaves you wishing you had.

One mom I talked to said she snapped a few at the hospital and a few more when they got home, but they definitely were tot what she had originally envisioned. She said, “I feel like having the photos is so important to catch all those tiny details about them since they change so quickly!!!”

newborn photography
Salem Newborn photography

I know of one newborn photographer who has literally only 2 photos of her baby as a newborn and another newborn photographer who only has 1 photo of her with her twins when they were babies. Do you know why they are so passionate about newborn photography now? You guessed it.

They don’t want you to end up in the same boat as them…wishing they had more photos of their baby. Wishing they had hired a newborn photographer.

newborn photography
newborn family photos
newborn photography near me
newborn photography in Salem Oregon

So, get your beautiful self over to this page, fill out the contact form, and let’s chat! Most mom’s book in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters but some babies I can schedule last-minute if your baby was just born.

newborn photography tiny details lips toes, hands
why newborn photography
newborn photography in Portland, Oregon

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