i knew I wanted to get newborn pictures


done but couldn’t find someone that was the style I wanted. Also, the thought of being a first-time mom and leaving the house days after having a newborn was terrifying.  

I found Katie online and loved all her pictures; she has an incredible portfolio. The style of her photography is unique, and it fits so well for baby photos: innocent and simple. I loved that she doesn’t use props like sports themes, etc.  

Having found the right photographer, I decided to book a newborn session for my son, Gage. I’m so glad I did. The outcome was perfect, exactly what I was looking for.  

Katie was patient, understanding, easy to talk to, and created an atmosphere of no pressure. She took her time to make sure my baby was “ready.” The experience had the potential to be stressful, but she made sure it was easy for me to relax. I didn’t feel like I was a time slot she was filling, but she truly cared to take the time to get the right photos. I will definitely email her again when we are ready for our next photo shoot. 


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